Book Review: Death Is But A Dream

death is but a dream book review

I was offered a review copy of the book Death is But a Dream by Dr. Christopher Kerr in exchange for an honest review.

If I have to describe this book in one word then I'd say: beautiful!

Dr. Christopher Kerr, who is a hospice doctor, learned about a very peculiar experience that people who are about to pass over go through. It all started when one of the veteran nurses of the hospice predicted the death of a patient when she heard about what the patient was dreaming about. Of course, like you'd expect anyone to respond, Dr. Kerr was initially dismissive about what she said about the patient, only to later find out for himself that she was indeed right!


This book speaks about how people towards their end have very realistic dreams, unlike any dream they've ever had before. They dream of their loved ones who have passed over comforting them. No, this book doesn't speak of some supernatural phenomenon, rather a common phenomenon they noticed in many terminally ill patients.

Dr. Kerr and his team conducted a study in the hospice regarding this phenomenon and found that quite a lot of people were experiencing similar kinds of dreams a few days prior to dying. Dreaming about their loved ones and their regrets somehow brought peace and closure to those who are nearing the end. It gave them peace and hope that everything is fine and is taken care of.

The stories of some of his patients are presented in this book. People from different backgrounds and ages, with a different history of trauma and regrets, have explained what they dreamed of and how their regrets were dealt in their dreams. They attained peace afterwards and death was no longer a matter of fear to them.

Death is the only constant in life. In our life, before reaching our own end, most likely we'll witness many deaths. It is a scary experience. It's scary to the loved ones, but it's even scarier to those who are about to cross over. I believe this book can help here.

Yes, all deaths are not peaceful, especially the sudden, violent deaths. But this book mainly speaks of the experiences of the people who are terminally ill and know that death is on its way to them.

It's a must-read for doctors as well. We are not taught anything about death in medical school, even though we witness it more frequently than anyone would like. It's a good reminder that a day comes when all the medications and advance techniques fail and that when that day comes, it's important that the doctor listens to their patients and make their departure as comfortable as possible. Instead of dismissing what they are experiencing, listen and acknowledge their experience. It is compassion that works better than any medicine at that point.

I'm really grateful that those patients came forward to share their stories, and I'm thankful to Dr. Kerr for sharing those stories with us. I'm sure this book will bring peace to many people; to the one who's about to cross over, and their grieving loved ones.

I recommend this book to, well, everyone because we all will witness death at some point in our lives.

death is but a dream book review

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