Dealing With My Frustration

Lately I've been frustrated. Like really frustrated. Sometimes people can really get to your nerve! But from what I've learnt from the past, I don't want any feeling to consume me. I've spent past few weeks getting frustrated about how things are not how I hoped for and how people are disappointing me again and again. That's a couple of weeks drowned in frustration, and 2 weeks wasted being angry. Honestly, I could really use this time in something productive, and frankly I can't afford to lose time in negative emotions since I've some important events coming up.

I'm grown up enough to realize that most of the time things are not going to be the way we want it to be, and people generally suck. It's something we can't help. But I really need to calm myself down to focus. So, I've come up with a small plan about what I'm going to do, with the hope that it will help me (and others).

So, how I'm planning to start? Okay so I'm being …

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