Dealing With My Frustration

Lately I've been frustrated. Like really frustrated. Sometimes people can really get to your nerve! But from what I've learnt from the past, I don't want any feeling to consume me. I've spent past few weeks getting frustrated about how things are not how I hoped for and how people are disappointing me again and again. That's a couple of weeks drowned in frustration, and 2 weeks wasted being angry. Honestly, I could really use this time in something productive, and frankly I can't afford to lose time in negative emotions since I've some important events coming up.

I'm grown up enough to realize that most of the time things are not going to be the way we want it to be, and people generally suck. It's something we can't help. But I really need to calm myself down to focus. So, I've come up with a small plan about what I'm going to do, with the hope that it will help me (and others).

So, how I'm planning to start?

Okay so I'm being honest here and I'd like to let all of you who are here to know that I'm no expert in dealing with life and the various tantrums it throws on my way. However, I do try my best to go with the flow. I learn and share what I learned. Life is something you can't figure out fully. All you can do is deal with it with a big smile on your face.

So the first thing I did is, take break from work. I took some days off to relieve the frustration. I just need not to see people for a few days. It's a much needed break. And along with that I'm going to follow simple rules (given below), just to make sure I see and think about good things.

The ultimate goal is to feel good.

1. Keeping myself busy: 

I have important stuff to deal with in my life, like any normal human being. I have exams that I need to clear and a little bit of planning about my future. So, that's where my main focus is going to be. I hope keeping myself busy will focus my energy on positive things that really matters, and help me not be a drama queen and loathe about something I can't do anything about.

2. Gratitude journal:

Ever since I decided that I don't want to be a cry baby anymore and want to turn things around for myself (been a few years, long story), I started reading positive things, like blog posts, quotes etc. Having a gratitude journal is something a lot of the articles I read mentioned positively about. I'd like to see if having a gratitude journal will help my case or not.

3. Read more and more positive things:

A blog post, quotes or a book; I'd like to read more. If you have any suggestion for a good book let me know. Looking at something- positive or negative- put a great impact on us. Reading make us think. I think reading will help me self-introspect. I might get new point of view. Reading good things have helped me in the past and I'm sure it's going to help me now.

4. Not think about all the bad things that ever happened to me:

It's one of the stupidest human behaviour. You know when you're having a bad day all you can think about is how many times people have disappointed you, since your childhood. Yeah, I know you feel me. That needs to stop. I'm going to try not to revisit the pity parties. I'm not going to think about it. Bad things happen to everyone. Situations might differ but we're all in the same boat called life, and we've got to deal with it anyhow. And how I'm planning to do it? I'm thinking if I start going back to past anytime, I'd just turn to reading or watching my favorite funny series. I'll try my best to distract myself.

Is something missing?

Now, you might think that one very important point is missing: forgiveness. Well, I can forgive, and I have but I can't forget. I don't have hate inside of me, but I think it's me trying to act that everything is okay that's causing the problem here. Me trying to suppress my feelings is what making me frustrated. You know what I mean? I strongly believe that forgetting is never a good choice. From my past experiences I can say that when we experience bad things/emotions, we should just go through it instead of just ignoring that it's there. If you don't acknowledge it, you might develop bitterness out of the anger you're feeling. And trust me, bitterness is not something you should have in you. Being angry briefly is okay, but bitterness is something really evil.

With all the little life experience I have, I can say that things take time, even letting go. So, with this "experiment" I'm not just trying to get past it, instead just making my journey through it a bit smoother.

I think this is enough for now. I didn't wanted to make an unrealistic list by putting a ton of things that might seem like a lot of work. I'm starting slow and aiming to go far. These are the very basic steps in becoming a better person I guess, in general. Everyone should have these habits. I hope it will help me.

If you have any suggestions for me or a story of yourself just drop your comment below.
That's it for today. See you next time. Till then, take care.

To conquer frustration one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles. 
-T.F. Hodge


  1. True! Focus on the outcome. It'll help you get out of it.
    You write good. Everything was real and not a story that's made up.

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I need to focus right there. It's my second day off from work and I already feel better. Sometimes all you need is a break!

      Thank you so much for your kind words. :)


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