How To Improve Concentration While Studying

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Easy Ways To Improve Your Concentration

Sometimes it takes a bit of an extra effort to soak up the information while you're studying because you can't damn concentrate. Is that a problem for you too, or is it just me? Am I the only one who suck? Naah, I know I'm not the only sucker, suckers!

Anyway, so since you and me; we both have issues on this topic let's see what we can do about it.

Here are a few things that you can do:

1. Self-control:

That's no brainer. If you wanna study you need to make up your mind first. Be determined that you are gonna study the hell out today. If random ideas pop in your head and try to lure you out of the deal, treat them like a mortal enemy and tell them "get the hell out of my way or I'mma light saber you down, bitch".

Leave rest of the shit to deal with later.

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Consider The Other Bear As The Distractions

2. Say bye to technology:

Throw away your phone in the back of your cupboard or something, lock it and swallow the key. Yeah, if that helps you stay concentrated, do that. The world won't end if you'll check your messages 1 hour later.

Put away even your laptop. Use it if it's absolutely necessary; say, to check something on wikipedia.

No excuses to self. Nothing like "I'll watch this episode of Big Bang Theory and then I'll start". NO! Because you know it never ends with one episode.
Lol. I love the show!

3. Find an appropriate place:

Now this not necessarily have to be a big separate room with a beautiful view outside the window. Not everyone's life is like tumblr. Everyone has different study spot: it could be your room, your dining table, your garden or even a coffee shop! If you like change of view, you can change your study spot in every few hours.

Similarly, some like to sit on table, and some walk and study. Some people concentrate better with pin drop silence and some listens to music. Some do silent reading, and some like to scream the words out. Now, none of these are abnormal behaviour. And no matter how weird it appears to another person, do whatever works for you.

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Good use of attic, huh. But remember, you don't have to have a fancy place like this.

4. Exercise:

Let's look at the science of it: exercise releases brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is an important factor memory, concentration and mental sharpness. BDNF rewires the circuit of memory and makes them work better. When you exercise, you use more brain cells, and this in turn results in the secretion of BDNF.

Harvard Medical School advices you to workout at least 5 out 7 days a week for effective production of BDNF. Bad new to the lazy people who don't exercise or exercise for like twice a year- you can't find a pill for this substance and only brain produces it. And working out once in a while won't help either. You gotta exercise regularly to stimulate its release.

So, that's why they say. "exercise"!

Now, grab your shoes and go for a run.

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But not like this!

5. Plan it out, set a goal:

Plan out what you need to study each day. For example, study 4 topics today. Take break after you finish each topic or every 1 hourly or so, depending upon your threshold and the length of the topic. Set a time period in which you need to complete the topic, set a timer. You can involve a friend and kind of compete; who finishes first.

After you finish one topic, treat yourself with something good like maybe an episode of the big bang theory or maybe check out facebook for some time or eat something your really like.

You can discuss and study too. But make sure you don't end up gossiping about the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Duh. That's what happens mostly, I know.


6. Snacking and staying hydrated:

Don't forget to snack! Your brain needs a constant supply of glucose for adequate functioning. Also, drink plenty of water. Dehydration affects your mental state, more than you think.


7. Chill, dude!:

Don't stress out. Chill. If you're stressing out too much, thinking negatively about the exam constantly, you're never going to be able to concentrate. It's an exam and you got it. You'll do just fine. Just make sure you don't leave everything for the last minute to avoid freaking out. Yeah, we all been there.

If you start to panic: put your pen down and take 3 deep breathes. Go slowly and steadily, and you'll be fine.
Remember, the world isn't ending.


I hope you find these simple tips useful. Study well, but don't beat yourself.

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