#1 Quirky Chats: I Am A Metalhead

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Metalhead Stereotypes 

I am a girl, and yep, I am a metalhead. 

Metal for passion. Not for fashion.

No, my collection of metal music does not belong to my boyfriend.

No, metal is not something that only men enjoy.

I am not violent or angry.

No, I don't always head-band when I listen to metal music. I do my own little weird dance though. You can't just sit still when you listen to metal: Fact!

I don't have un-naturally straightened black long hair. Okay, I do have long black hair but that's my natural hair.

I don't dress revealing.

I'm not weird...well, maybe a little bit but nothing that people around me can't handle.

I don't always wear black.

I don't do drugs, never done it ever in my life.

I'm not an uneducated psychopath.

I am not a party animal.

I'm not a goth.

I don't hate everybody.

I don't have any piercing or tattoo anywhere in my body.

I am not creepy.

I am not crazy about bikes.

I am not evil.

And I do not worship Satan!

If metal music is a work of Satan, then the devil has a great taste in music!

Confused? I know what you're thinking. You think I am not a real metalhead. Most probably because I don't look and behave how a stereotypical metalhead looks and behaves. Right?

I am the normalest of the normal. I know that's not a real term, BTW. If you see me you can never imagine that I listen to such rock music because we are so typically stereotyped as something dark and evil. Metal is the only genre of music that is often perceived to be related with something bad. Huh, I wonder why. However, in reality, it is not.

And let me mention that I don't care about how people label us. Everybody has the right to have an opinion. I'm not writing this post out of hate. I'm writing this post for a little bit of enlightenment. I'm damn sure many of you have stereotyped opinions about metalheads just because that is what you have "heard" about metalheads.

Metalheads are actually softies. We are nice people. We are well educated and responsible. We have goals in our lives. We're just like anyone else who listens to any other type of genre.

I do listen to other types of music genre. Come on! Who listens to a single genre? But it is metal music that I can relate to the most. And I do listen to metal whenever I'm listening to music. I appreciate all types of music. If the music speaks to me I will listen to it, irrespective of who the artist is and what genre the music belongs to.

I don't always wear black. But if a metalhead does wear black what's wrong in that? Black is a nice colour.

Metal is definitely not for angry people. Metal is therapeutic to me. Whenever I'm sad or angry or happy I turn to metal. It helps me. Metal makes me feel all sorts of emotions that are out there, just like any other type of music.

Every metal is not death metal. There are a wide variety of metal, one of them is death metal.

The lyrical content of metal is actually relatable with life. It talks about all sorts of situations. I think that's the reason I love it.

Did you know metalheads and classical music fans have similar personalities? No I'm not making this up, it has been suggested by a study. Now I'd like to quote the following statement from the study "Metal fans, like classical listeners, tend to be creative, gentle people, at ease with themselves. We think the answer is that both types of music, classical and heavy metal, have something of the spiritual about them — they're very dramatic — a lot happens".

And there are several other studies that suggests that metalheads are happier overall. Like I said metal is not for angry people. Also, metalheads are brainier. Well, it does take an effort to understand it.

Metal music is not just screaming. Screamo is the term used now-a-days. One day I told one of my friends that I like metal, and she didn't know what metal music meant (metal is not that popular in my country) so one of my other friends jumped in the conversation and said "you know, the music where people only scream". I've also read online that people think that creating metal music is easy because it's just screaming and no one can understand. Okay, so it's true that screaming is a huge part of metal but metal is not only about screaming. And I bet it's definitely not easy. I'm not a singer but try screaming and singing at the same time. Or try to play drums that fast or play guitar that way.
You tell me you can't understand the lyrics, I say the music speaks too. There's emotion in those drum beats. Music can stand on its own. Besides, you like those hit songs with shitty lyrics on loop. You like those really violent rap songs that disrespects women or talks about being a gangster. But then you say metal is violent?

Metal is viewed as the worst, most violent genre, but is probably the most loving, caring, understanding genre there is.

Don't think that the boy is not good enough for your daughter just because he's into metal music. Don't think that a female metalhead is a whore. Just because a person is wearing a band's T-shirt and have long hair and a goatee that doesn't mean he's a criminal. And just because someone's listening loud music that doesn't mean that he/she's a crack addict.

I've admired every single metalhead I've ever met. They all were nice people. They are very open minded and you can trust on them. They are actually very sweet, and they sure would help you out if you reach out to them for help.

Now, exceptions are always there, and therefore I won't generalize things but to a great extent metalheads are cool.

We are sweet, kind people.

I'm not asking you to like metal music. Everyone has different taste of music and it's okay if you don't like it. I'd only suggest you to have an open mind and experience yourself before judging or labeling anyone. You'll be surprised.

I like being alone, 
listening to the music 
in my own world, 
away from all the bullshit, in life. 

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