Most Annoying Things People Post On the Internet

Internet is, well, huge. It can be a lot of things, starting from useful to entertaining to scary to annoying! The thing that makes internet annoying is that it gives us the freedom of expression. Who knew one day one of our basic rights will annoy us. Probably no one thought this could happen when they were including freedom of speech to the basic human rights section. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw something on the internet and immediately thought "get off my page!".

Here are few of those kind of posts:

1. "Like this photo and Facebook will donate $1 per like to the 'cachexic child' on the photo": 

Seen anything like this before? Maybe on Facebook? I can feel you, already.

Now honestly I find it very rude that people use the pictures of children who are suffering from bizarre things like starvation, just to get likes! It's inhumane! What do people think huh? "Ooh, you can count the ribs on that that child. COOOOOL. Great picture to get likes and shares from emotional twits." Seriously people? They have actual problems. Leave them alone!

That poor kid from Africa doesn't even know that he is internet famous, and that too for a completely selfish reason. They are viral, millions of people have seen their pictures expressing their condition, yet I wonder how many helps they have actually received because of it.

And since when Facebook hired you to promote their charity? Mark Zuckerberg can hire professionals to do that. And if he ever start a campaign, he would send a promoted ad on your page to see it. Facebook most definitely wouldn't ask for "likes" to get them motivated to donate.

Some other variations include: share if you love your mom, don't scroll down without saying "Amen" if you love Jesus etc. I once saw a post of a bald girl that stated that the girl in the picture has cancer, and asked Facebookers to pray for her. A few days later I found out that poor girl did not have cancer and someone stole that picture from her Facebook page and made that post. She shaved her head by her choice. She was so furious (for obvious reasons) I tell you.

Note: Now this is for the "emotional twits" I was taking about. I care about your emotions. Stop liking and sharing such posts! Do not encourage such posts that are making a joke about someone's misery. If you really want to help, volunteer or donate money for them. That would ACTUALLY help them. Because there's an old saying: Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

2. Stupid hoax:

Mixing of HIV positive blood in Coca Cola, Mark Zuckerberg giving away 4.5 millions away, a deadly bug with a lot of creepy holes on it who is suddenly biting people and killing them, cat with two legs walking around and even fake news about death of celebrities; all of these might be familiar to you.

Anything worse than lack of knowledge is wrong knowledge. I hate it when people post false information and we all internet users go crazy about it; well, we are curious beings. The thing I hate the most is seeing such things again and again on my page. I don't know why but my friends keep on sharing same thing again and again. I mean, why?! You are my friend and I love you but I hate what you share.

I don't know why they play with our feelings. I remember a few years ago when I saw a post (shared by my friend) on Facebook that stated Johnny Depp died in a car crash. I was so devastated. Literally! And then I Googled it and found out that it was total non-sense. Why? Why do you do this to us?!

The major drawback of internet is that no one is there to verify the information that is being posted, esp. on personal pages and personal websites. Internet is full of wrong information. Now again these are those likes and shares crazy people that you should totally ignore. Yes, control your right index finger and just scroll down, or at least Google it to verify. Any major news like a new disease or announcement from Mark Zuckerberg will be first covered by the actual news channels. Don't be blinded by such fools.

3. Nudity:

Okay, so I know there are certain places called porn websites where you can get plenty of nudity. That's fine because it doesn't bump into me randomly, anytime. They are there, IF you want to go there you can go, if not, they won't bother you. But I tell you Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook-- you need to control what's been posted! It's so irritating when a naked picture pops on the screen when it is the last thing I'm expecting.

It's actually very dangerous. Yes, dangerous. What if I'm operating Tumblr at home, huh? Without any warning a naked woman posing seductively is right there and obviously that is when my mom decides to come to see what her little girl is doing and what she sees? She sees bum bums on my screen! That's the reason I never operate Tumblr when I'm at home.

No, I'm not following such accounts that post such things on Tumblr or Twitter. But obviously I can't control if someone is horny and suddenly decides to post something I'm not ready to see.

4. Selfies or videos stating "I'm Ugly": 

Selfies are the new trend. And I hate it. I don't want to see your duck face. It looks stupid. It might sound rude, but it is. What is so attractive about duck face anyways? You making a face of duck, which is not even cute,  is a trend? I don't want to see that, I don't want to see you have an iPhone and a bathroom in your home. I don't!

And then there the ones who post a picture like...

.....and caption it as: "I'm so ugly, why god is so unfair", or "I'm so ugly, but I don't care".

Bitch please!

And the girls who post such pictures are the ones who are really pretty. You want to be called pretty? Say that! Don't led the public think that you have low self-esteem issues, which you clearly don't. You're picture is screaming that you're confident enough that the picture is really good that's why you posted it in the first place.

Also, you can find a lot of YouTube video where girls are saying "what it's like to be an ugly friend/girl". Maybe you have issues. Actually, you have. It's called lack of self-worth. Learn it, for good.

The other ones are those who post their selfies and write an inspirational quote in the caption. Dear girl/boy, your face is not going to inspire me in any way. Stop quoting your picture irrelevantly.

Honestly, the things that are trending these days make me put a question mark on the future of humanity.

5. Click-bait: 

Oh, I hate this one. These are the links that I can't resist to click, even though I know that it's a click bait.

People post things like "amazing people you won't believe existed" or "you won't believe what this guy just did". And it's fine if your content is relevant to the heading of your post. I like to read exciting new things. But the content always explodes my brain. It's like: the link says "you won't believe what this newborn did" and when you click the link the article says "he pooped in his diaper". It's so annoying.

So, these are the type of posts that annoy me the most. Share with us the type of posts that annoy you in the comment section. Have a great day!


  1. Hahaha... Totally agree with you... They are indeed annoying. But we end up clicking them... Because thats how bored we are! I always think that we dnt open FB if we are not bored... And a bored mind is always ready to take anything!

    1. haha... That's so true. We all should get a life! lol! :D


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