Amazing Facts About Female Body

Males and females, though belong to the same species, are so very different than each other. We're not only different physically, but also mentally, emotionally and more! So let's see how evolution has made us different. Here are some interesting facts exclusive to female body, which even we females don't know!

  • It's been found in studies that the part of brain that is aroused during sex also lights up when women think about food, especially when they are craving for that particular food.
  • Women have a better memory than men. Thanks to the hormone estradiol, which affects the brain centers responsible for memory. Take that misogynists!
  • A woman's clitoris grows throughout her life time. It becomes 3 times the size at menopause than when she was a teenager. Maybe this is why women over 40 have better orgasms.
  • Women have a better immune system than men. They produce more lymphocytes than the men of same age. This might be the reason that on an average a woman lives 5 years longer than a man, because our body is better at fighting diseases naturally.
  • Female are naturally more flexible than males because of higher content of elastin in their muscles and tendons. On the same note, while turning to a call, a woman usually just turns her head, while a man will turn his entire body. It’s because women have more flexible neck.
  • Unlike the popular belief, presence or absence of hymen has little to do with a woman's virginity. Hymen is just a membrane that rings the vaginal opening and it might get broken by simple horse-riding. Also, it might stay intact after multiple episodes of sexual intercourse, in case it's highly elastic.
  • Women listen with both sides of the brain. Unlike men, who listen with the left side. Now you know why women are a better listener.
  • Women are better at multitasking than men. This is because a female brain has a larger corpus callosum, whose primary function is to integrate motor, sensory, and cognitive performances between the cerebral cortex on one side of the brain to the same region on the other side. Now you know why mothers are better at handling their babies, household work and even office work, a lot better than most men. No offense, guys.
  • Even though female body has more pain receptors, they tend to have a higher pain threshold. Thanks to estrogen.
  • A woman’s brain activity lowers only 10% during sleep, which is why women tend to be lighter sleepers. Maybe to hear the crying of a baby at night?
  • Now, coming to the uterus. Some women are born with 2 uteruses. In fact, even with 2 vaginas. This is caused due to a developmental defect. Female foetuses have 2 uteruses, 2 vaginas and 2 cervices, which is because each half of these are formed by two different tubes, which ultimately fuse together and lead to a single uterus, cervix and vagina. But in cases where this process fails, a woman is left with two of each of these parts. Such females might even have to choose the vagina which to have intercourse with. No, not kidding. Because mostly only one of these uteruses is viable for holding a pregnancy.
  • Because two brain centers are responsible for a woman's speech, they can use about 3000 sounds and 10,000 non-verbal gestures; twice as many as men.
  • Women are more likely to feel anxiety and are better at predicting dangers intuitively. This is attributed to the naturally higher levels of hormones like progesterone, estrogen and cortisol in females.
  • Are you suffering from male pattern baldness or does it run in your family? Well, you probably got it from your mother. Baldness is an X- linked recessive trait which men inherit from their mothers.
  • Women have better developed areas of brain responsible for affection. Also, because of the higher oxytocin levels in body, we tend to form stronger attachments to others. You know, there's a reason why mothers are more affectionate. We are evolved to be that way.
  • A female heart beats faster than a male heart. On an average male heart beats 70-72 times per minute whereas a woman's heart beats about 78-82 times per minute. This is because a female heart is smaller in size and it has to compensate for the smaller amount of blood it pumps each time to complete the requirement of our body.
  • Women need to go to rest-room more often than men.That's mainly because they have a smaller bladder, since they have to make room for uterus as well in the abdominal cavity.
  • According to gynaecologists, period cramps get worse in your twenties. This is because of higher production of hormones that causes uterine contraction. So, if you're suddenly experiencing more period pain in your twenties, now you know why.
  • Women have more nightmares, and this have strong link to our emotions.
  • And the last fact for y'all, a woman trusts somebody more easily who hugs her for at least 15 seconds. That a lot of time for a hug, honestly.

I hope you enjoyed learning about us females. Aren't we just amazing? Now you know what to do. Hug your girlfriend when she's crying, she'll trust you even more. Appreciate the affection of your mother. And when a woman says "there's something wrong", you better believe it, because there's a good chance that she's right.